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Nameplate Suppliers | 3G Technology is Nameplate Suppliers Leading Brands

3G Technology is nameplate suppliers leading brandsIf the customer requires to combine the parts or connectors with keypad, they can consider the nameplate and PCB structure. The metal dome design no needs to worry about the keypad jammed, also take a nice appearance into consideration.

3G Technology Inc.’s main products include Name plate, Graphic Overlay, Membrane Switches, Silicon Rubber Keypad, Touch Panel, Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC or flexible PCB), Touch Pen and Touch Monitor. Our product series could apply to Information Appliance (IA), Internet Appliance, Remote Control, Medical Device, Home Appliance, Handheld Device, Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) or Mobile Phone, etc.

Nameplate Suppliers | 3G Technology is Taiwan Nameplate Suppliers Leading Brands