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Flexible Printed Circuit RIGID-FLEX PCB

The Rigid-Flex board is combined by Flexible Flex and PCB, drill holes in connecting layers in advance. Aligning the holes through the precise apparatus then adhere the layers; that is, using the through-holes between layers to connect the circuits.
Model : Flexible Printed Circuit RIGID-FLEX PCB

FPC features in light, thin, flexible, anti-interference, low electricity resistance etc.  Our capacity: single sided, double sided, multi-layers, rigid-flex etc.  Special assembly: Ferrite lamination, SMT assembly, silicon rubber keypad assembly. FPC can be applied to wearable device, 3C products, headlight, timer, LCD, etc.

Base material

PI (Polyimide)

Thickness of base copper

18µm/35µm (standard thickness)

Largest size

Single Sided-550mmx250mm

Double Sided-500mmx250mm

Min. hole diameter of drilling

ø0.15mm/ 6mil

Min. hole diameter of punching

ø0.5mm/ 20mil

Min. Trace width / Min. Space

0.075mm (3mil)

Peeling strength

1.0kg.f /cm


Up to 4 layers

Passive Component

Min. 0201


Min. Pitch0.3mm


PI (Polyimide), PET (Polyester), FR4, Metal

Solder heat Temp

PI (Polyimide) 250°C / 10sec

Surface Treatment

Gold platingNi:1um~4um + Au:0.05um~0.1um

Immersion GoldNi:1um~4um + Au:0.03um~0.09um


Immersion Tin2µ" ~ 40µ"

Tin Plating200µ"~1000µ"

Dimension Tolerances

Conductor Width±0.03mm~±0.05mm

Outline Dimension±0.1mm~±0.3mm

Apply Coverlay Tolerance±0.3~0.5mm

Hole Diameter±0.1mm

Finish products testing

ICT (In Circuit Test): proceed testing for SMT components to make sure the components locations are correct.

FCT (Function Test): proceed testing after SMT, but need customer provide us the fixture or machine.


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