• Projected capacitive touch control board

Projected capacitive touch controller

With the expansion of the Projective Touch Panel application; to satisfy increasing special needs, such as high anti-interference, high water resistance, smart discriminating temporary shutdown function. The control IC and the controller require to complement one another; 3G Technology not only can provide high-quality Projected Capacitor products, but also integrate with high-reliability IC products from various factories. Apart from this, we can provide standard control cards for small amount of end users. The control card interface includes: I2C/USB/UART, its feature not only meet the functional requirements of customers' various projects, but are also easy to operate, easy to set and easy to use; enable your products be more affinitive.
Model : Projected capacitive touch control board

Power Consumption

3.5V~5.5V , Typical 5V

TX Driving Voltage

Less than 10”: 12V / Over than 10”: 28V~30V(Max.)

Operating Temperature

-40 to85

Storage Temperature

-40 to90

Relative Humidity

95% at 60, RH Non-Condensing


7 inch ~55 inch

Multi-touch point

10 points


4096x4096 / 16384x16384

Report Rate


 Report Time

 Average < 25ms

 EMS (Noise Immunity)

 CS ( IEI 61000-4-6 ):3Vrms / CS ( IEI 61000-4-6 ):10Vrms

 RS ( IEI 61000-4-3 ):30Vrms / RS ( IEI 61000-4-3 ):50Vrms

 Power Consumption

 Active Mode:50mA~370mA (7 inch ~ 55 inch)

 Idle Mode: 35mA or Depends on FW



 OS Supported

 Windows 7/8/10, Android, Linux, Mac, QNX

 Linearity / Accuracy

 Line Drawing Accuracy: 1pt+/-1mm Offset /10mm

Touch Accuracy: 1pt+/-1mm


USB 2.0 compliant full speed with LPM L1 supported.

Configurable Serial Interface.

UART : Baud rate 115200, none parity, 8 data bits and 1 stops bit.

(Hardware flow control supported )

I2C : up to 400 KHz, Voltage Level: 3.3V

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