• Membrane Keyboard with Cable​

Membrane Switch Keypad

Membrane switch is a conductive keypad with unique exterior design, combines the overlay printing and electronic circuits and features with light, thin, short and tiny. All design can follow customer’s specification. Materials such as TPU, PC and PET are in options. TPU (Polyurethane) is a new eco- friendly material which does not cause any damage to the human body or environment. PET is resistant to strong acid and alkali, suitable for IPC and medical products use. PC (Polycarbonate) is lower in price and suitable for home appliance. Membrane switches mostly apply to Information Appliance, Humanity machine interface (HMI), Remote Controller, Medical Device, Home Appliance, Handheld Device, Industrial Personal Computer (IPC), etc. We offer a full range of design services, the experienced professional art designers will design perfect colorful drawing for overlay, also the circuit layout and mechanism dimension diagram base on customer’s information.
Model : Membrane Switch Keypad​
  • Flat and all embossed key type with either metal dome or Mylar dome.
  • SMT components, such as LED, resistors and sensors.
  • Overlay material: Polyester, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Rubber.
  • textured surface(or matte surface treatment) with choices of transparent or color printing display window
  • Special design: EMI, RFI, or ESD shielding.
  • Waterproof type (IP65).
  • Jumper wire, through-hole type.
  • The technique for min punching hole is 1.14mm.
  • Tail: without pins, male pins or female pins with connector.
  • Circuit choice: Mylar circuit, FPC circuit or PCB circuit.
  • Special structure: Rubber keypad, Aluminium keypad, Light Guild Film (LGF) backlight effect, Touch Panel integration.

Electrical characteristics

 Maximum Circuit Rating

 35V( DC)100mA 1W

 Contact Resistance


 (Depending on trace length & material used).

 Insulation Resistance

 100MΩ at 100V DC

 Dielectric Withstand

 250 V Rms (50~60 Hz 1 min.)

 Contact Bounce


 Life Expectancy

 Flat type 5 million closures

 Mylar type 2 million closures

 Metal type 1 million closures

Mechanical characteristics

 Actuation Force

 Flat type = 60 to300 g(2 to10 oz)

 Tactile type = 180 to400 g(6 to14 oz)

 Switch Stroke

 Flat type = 0.1 to0.5mm

 Tactile type = 0.6 to1.5mm

Environmental parameters

 Operation Temperature

 Flat/Metal dome:-40 °Cto +80 °C

 Poly dome:-20 °Cto +55 °C

 Storage Temperature

 Flat/Metal dome:-40 °Cto +85 °C 

 Poly dome:-40 °Cto +60 °C


 40 °C , 90% ~ 95% for 240 hours


 20 G's0 max

 (10-200 HzMIL-STD-202M204Condition B)

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